Back in the states

We kept a pretty low profile while in London. Lots of Judge Judy and gas station food. The day finally came and we boarded our very empty plane back to the states. […]

France Road Trip Days 3-6

Ok. We’ve got some catching up to do… Day 3 and all hell broke loose. After the president made his announcement it didn’t take long for things to ramp up in Europe. […]

Morocco Day 4

After a quick rest we were up and at it again. A wonderful breakfast and back on the camels. Just in time for sunrise. Back to the bus our adventure had come […]

Morocco Day 3

Yalla, yalla!Hurry up, let’s go!We woke up crazy early and enjoyed a delicious traditional Moroccan breakfast. We had those amazing little tortilla pancake things again, except this time they were sweet and […]

Morocco Day 2

Our guides picked us up bright and early in a fancy shuttle bus. It was only 6:45 am and I was already impressed. We drove around scooping up passengers here and there […]

Morocco Day 1

Ciao Italia. It’s been real! Wow. This whole corona virus thing has take over the entire globe. I have to admit I was quite anxious about getting out of Italy. We’ve been […]

Pompeii Days 6 and 7

This is going to be a short one folks! We got tired and maybe a little virus phobic and opted to sit at the Airbnb for the remainder of our stay. We […]

Pompeii Day 5

Seriously. 5 days in a row and we’ve managed to get out and about. This must be a record! They say what sets Herculaneum apart from Pompeii is the preservation. And perhaps […]

Pompeii Day 4

Wow. We have really been productive so far. And we’ll keep the ball rolling with a visit to Matera. It was about a 3 hour drive from Pompeii, but really easy. Good […]

Pompeii Day 3

So today was our visit to Herculaneum. We’ve all heard of Pompeii of course, but Herculaneum lies at the foot of Vesuvius just NW of Pompeii. Herculaneum is far better preserved than […]

Pompeii Day 2

We climbed Mt.Vesuvius! So this has kind of been a dream since I was in Junior High. I’ve always wanted to visit this area of Italy. Vesuvius was the volcano that erupted […]

Pompeii Day 1

We left the Airbnb in Rome and began our short walk to the bus stop. We had to catch a bus to the airport and pickup our rental car for the drive […]

Rome Day 7

After our busy couple of days, and I hate to say it, a panicked moment about health around the world, we opted for a home day on our last day in Rome. […]

Rome Day 6

Off to the Vatican. We hadn’t planned on visiting the Vatican while we were here but the more we thought about it we realized we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And to […]

Rome Day 5

Ok time to get caught up. We haven’t had the greatest internet but I’m going to see what I can accomplish. Ok here we go… Today was our official tour day. We […]

Rome Day 4

Today we decided to scope out the Colosseum. We had a dedicated tour set up for the next day but we just couldn’t wait. Plus I thought maybe we could get some […]

Rome Day 3

Not much to report today. Another school day but we did follow it up with an amazing dinner out. We found a little place by our Airbnb and it’s cheap and fantastic! […]

Rome Day 2

We set our alarms for an early 10 am and started our day with a typical Italian coffee. I had to watch a YouTube video to figure it out, but it was […]

Rome Day 1

We packed our bags and made the short walk to Syntagma Square, found our bus stop, and grabbed a bite to eat. I finally got my traditional Greek yogurt and it was […]

Athens Day 7

We started off the day not really sure what to do. We thought maybe we’d make it a school day but Liv’s decided she wanted to get out and about for our […]

Athens Day 6

Today we headed for the Acropolis Museum, adjacent to the hill. We didn’t know that pictures weren’t allowed, so I managed to get one in before we were chastised. Kind of cool […]

Athens Day 5

We finally made it to the Parthenon. Yeah! We made our way towards Plaka like we usually do and hit the digital kiosk, kind of like an ATM, to purchase our tickets. […]

Athens Day 4

Not much to report today. Our family sure does enjoy our leisure time. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about not getting out and about each and everyday from sun up to […]

Athens Day 3

We got a bit of an earlier start today, but I am just not a morning person, ha! First, I attempted to make coffee with the grounds we purchased but that didn’t […]

Athens Day 2

It’s Valentine’s day in Greece! We got a bit of a late start. Athens is 2 hours ahead of London. And honestly sometimes travel days are a bit tiring even if you’re […]

Athens Day 1

Athens is just about a 3 hour flight from London so in no time at all we’d be there. I had already arranged “fancy” transport, the whole name on the card thing […]

London Day 6

Day 6…are you kidding me? I mean, on the one hand, it feels like forever ago since we left Florida, but I can’t believe we leave the day after tomorrow. But nothing […]

London Day 2

So we made it through our jet-lagged night and managed a couple more hours of sleep. Now it was time for a traditional English breakfast.After we filled our tummies, we headed for […]

London Calling…

Ok, so let’s get this European tour going! After a great winter in Florida. It was time to wrap up the RV and head out on our 50-day European extravaganza! We spent […]