RV Adventure

Shakin’ It Up

Who knew packing up the whole house and moving into an RV would be so chaotic? Anyone in their right mind is the answer to that question. But that’s just what we have decided to do. Pack up and live on the road for a year…. or twenty. It’s been exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I’m not quite sure where this crazy idea came from. That in itself is a little concerning. It’s odd that two “sane” adults would come to the same insane conclusion that selling off the car, the house and everything in it would be a great idea. It started like anything else, wouldn’t it be awesome if…and then the next thing I know we have realtors in the house, an RV lease on the table and a den full of crap waiting to be sold. Even as I’m writing this I still don’t really know if we are leaving but for all this stress and effort we better be doing something spectacular. My hope with this blog is to inform, entertain and inspire. I suppose the inspire part will come once you see that we actually made it out successfully. I must warn you I am certainly not a writer, just a home school mom and wife looking to “shake things up”. What can I say; something new and shiny always grabs my attention. Apparently at this moment its living in a box on wheels with Jambi the cat. Maybe he should write his own blog. I must admit my ulterior motive with the blog is to make a living, at least enough of a living to keep us on the road awhile. Crazier things have happened. Here’s to a year or several of laughs, fear, fun, chaos and so much more.


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  1. I love you kids and look forward to following your adventures as you create amazing memories…….I’ll miss you allL!! xoxo


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