RV Adventure

Say goodbye to the “American Dream” and Hello to “Our” Dream

Wow! It has been quite the whirlwind around here. We received an offer on the house, HOORAY! Now, we are officially in escrow. I would like to think that was the hard part but I’m afraid that we are just getting to the tough stuff. I am thankful the hubby and I are both at peace with selling the house. It has not been an easy decision thus far. In fact the day the offer expired we literally had just a couple of hours left to decide whether or not we were going to make this huge life decision. For me part of that decision was coming to terms with this whole “American Dream” idea. Early on it was decided that my hubby would be a paycheck, not to say he wasn’t a great dad and husband but his main job was to bring in the $$$$. And to be honest sometimes that’s all we saw him as, one big dollar sign. You can’t really blame us, often there were times when the kids didn’t see him for a couple of days and even when they did it was for a very short time and dad wasn’t really there. It got to the point where he didn’t fit in with the family anymore. When we started our family we decided that we were going to forgo the big house, the fancy cars and all the stuff so that I could be home and raise our family. Turns out we still wound up with all that, but what about dad? Why did our “American Dream” exclude him from being as big a part of the family as I was? And this concept brings me to my first point. While we accomplished me staying at home we completely eliminated dad from the equation. I thought that a man was supposed to find joy in working hard and bringing home the bacon and for awhile that worked but now I have realized that he is missing some of the most important times in our children’s lives, they won’t be home forever.  I suppose for some families this is the best it can get because quite honestly without being independently wealthy someone has to be making some money and for most families I don’t think they are willing to give up much, who knows maybe we aren’t either. However, maybe we can cut back and have both mom and dad around more. Maybe it’s not worth waiting until we are empty nesters to fulfill our life’s dream of traveling and adventure. I want to build those memories as a family not just as a couple. My hope is that our kids can take these adventures and apply them to their adult lives, but if we wait until the hubby and I are old and alone what good are these experiences going to do anybody. Life is short and then you die, but only if you let it. I refuse to let fear win. No one knows what the future holds and to be honest I don’t know if this life plan is really what we want, but I do know that change is in the air and as long as we are together I’ll be a happy mama bear.

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