I love having it all figured out!

That was complete sarcasm by the way. I love that in my last post I had our rig completely figured out. That’s definitely not the case as I sit here writing this. It’s OK though, I’m really happy we started the research so early on. My hope is that all the effort will be rewarded with a rig that is as close to perfection as possible. The new rig of the day is a Toy Hauler. You’re probably thinking well they do haul toys, but Lego’s usually don’t need their own garage. Well maybe my sons do. Anyways, the toy hauler has some great features, gas, extra water, and this really amazing garage/bunk/multi-purpose room. The thing that gets me about these RV’s is that new, used or otherwise the quality sucks! I’ve been in $300k Class A’s all the way down to not so gently used trailers and it’s all the same. Sure there are subtle differences some have the nails nailed all the way in while others still need another tap but it’s hard to get your head around spending tons of money on something that has a tear or rip in it, especially when it’s “new”. That being said, I feel like we are getting closer and closer to actually making our purchase and I can’t wait to see what we end up with.

On another note the house is back in full swing. Two bunk escrows, we’re hoping the third ones the charm. I’m still pretty nervous but we keep thinking good thoughts. Some days it’s hard to have good thoughts about leaving everything and everyone we know and love. We have an amazing group of friends, a wonderful school and about the best house ever. So why you ask are we leaving? It’s easier asked than answered that’s for sure. I think we just know in our hearts that we want a change and no one is going to make it for us. So away we go. I’m scared, sad, exhilarated, restless, ready and hesitant all at the same time. Talk about being a chick! I’m so looking forward to the next post, I hope I’m able to share some pictures of our new home.

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