RV Adventure

Planning our first big getaway…

So we just mapped out our first big getaway. We will be pulling in to South Dakota in the very near future. I think everyone has mixed emotions. The kids keep telling us they aren’t ready to go yet but I’m sure once we get on the road and see what our beautiful country has to offer everything will be just fine. We are enjoying our time here in Guajome. We are kind of being eaten alive by mosquito’s but my very best friend just gave me a book to take care of that. Apparently all you need to maintain a happy healthy life is vinegar, salt, lemon and baking soda. Oh yeah and the sense of humor 🙂 I think I may have lost mine along the way but i’m desperately trying to find it. I’m sure my family will be much happier once I do. The RV life is an interesting one, I find that people have a LOT of time on their hands and would happily engage in any type of conversation you are willing to be present for. I do love the old people though, so cute! I have succumb to public showers and laundry facilities, its really not as bad as I imagined, of course most things usually aren’t. However every time I embark on one of these endeavors I quickly remind my husband that the second we buy another sticks and bricks house we’re getting front loaders 🙂 This whole thing is a bit surreal at times but all in all things are still going and I am very much looking forward to our adventure. Mt. Rushmore here we come!!!


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