San Francisco Here We Come

San Francisco Here We Come

As is the way in the Cunningham world it is always an adventure 🙂 Very, very early Sunday morning I awoke to an odd clicking sound in the RV. Turns out the water problem that had been “fixed” made its way to the furnace. Apparently it had been leaking on the circuit board for quite sometime. Thanks La Mesa RV YOU SUCK! Hahaha So plans to head up to San Fran were quickly put on hold considering I couldn’t get my heater to stop trying to ignite. Luckily A-RV Repair shop in Arroyo Grande, CA (805) 481-3280, to the rescue! These guys were amazing. Not only did they fix the original water leak (hopefully for good), they replaced the circuit board (now maybe we won’t blow up) AND got it all covered under my warranty in just a matter of hours. Pretty amazing!

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