Gold Run, CA

Gold Run, CA

So after we left the Redwoods the plan was to get to South Dakota as fast as we could to make it in time for trick or treating with friends. Apparently I took that very literally and walked out of the RV a little too fast 🙂 As soon as we pulled into Gold Run, CA to stop for the night I missed a step on the way out and took and tumble. Hubby thought for sure I broke it and forced me to go to ER. Turns out just a bad sprain with some torn ligaments but man it hurt!!! So mom got a very expensive set of crutches and a fancy brace 🙂 Am I laying on the sarcasm thick enough? hahaha Guess it could have been worse 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gold Run, CA

  • omg! holy cow you did a number on that! dont you know sprains are worse than breaks? hope it doesnt hold you guys back to much……. rest that ankle and get back on your feet ASAP. Miss you guys, nick just asked me today where you guys where you guys are.. he is waiting for his next postcard from Ryder. They love getting them.


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