Richardson Grove, CA

Richardson Grove, CA

It was the day before we were leaving the Redwoods and we wanted to go on a walk through the grove. We went to Richardson Grove state park and found a trail. We made sure to pack a lunch and some warm clothes, so we were set to go. The sign at the trail head wasn’t very clear but we figured eh it won’t be too long. So we start our hike and other than worrying about bears we were doing pretty good. So we walked and walked and the walking trail quickly turned into an all out hike. Very narrow paths some areas washed out from the fresh rain. We kept trekking forward thinking this thing has to loop at some point 🙂 We climbed and climbed and finally realized we had just hiked a giant mountain. Hubby ran through some switchbacks to see if we were close but we wound up turning around. Going back down the mountain was much easier. I am so happy we made the trek. We were wiped out but so proud of ourselves. We wound up hiking about 3 miles total. We looked up the trail once we got back and we made it almost half way, so it was best that we turned around. It was such a great day!!!

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