Lothian, Maryland

Lothian, Maryland

We stayed in Maryland and drove into DC. I sure love to color in our states. After Maryland we are headed to an RV park in Virginia. We’ll take a small break in the busyness before our Williamsburg Christmas. DC is quite exhausting, super fun but tiring 🙂 We have some rainy weather headed our way so it seems like a good time to kick back, have some long school days and play games. Loving the life!!

3 thoughts on “Lothian, Maryland

  • Thank you for keeping us up to date with what you are doing. I love rainy school/game days. Have a wonderful time together. :0)


  • Thanks for keeping in touch! Love getting your postcards in the mail! Have a great Christmas! Looking forward to reading about all the new adventures that 2013 is sure to send your way!


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