Historic Jamestowne, Virginia

Historic Jamestowne, Virginia

Model of the original Jamestowne colony. We had the most amazing tour guide at this location. He was so enthusiastic and you could tell he totally loved his job. He gave us more info in our hour with him than I have learned in my weeks of research. He brought up a very good point about the “first colonists” who we typically know as the pilgrims. He asked why in our history books the pilgrims get so much credit for being the first settlers in America. The reason is simple but I had never really thought about until now. The Virginia Company set up the expedition for the Jamestowne settlers purely for profit. They hoped for the almighty dollar. Where as the Pilgrims were in search of religious freedom, and as we learned, there certainly was not any religious freedom in the Jamestowne colony. Once Lord De La Warr took over, most crimes, especially religious crimes were punishable by death. In any case I suppose we chose the fanciful story of freedom over the truth. I personally would just like the facts but as we have all come to learn history is one great, and often times, a fictional story.

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  • This probably sounds silly, but before I read the caption to this picture I thought it was a really complex hole at a miniature golf course haha


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