Jamestowne Settlement, Virginia

Jamestowne, Virginia

A Powhatan pestle used to grind corn. The kids thought these were pretty cool. It was really neat to see the different technologies amongst the Powhatan tribe, the English and the Angolans. I think the Powhatan’s had the best tool for the job even though these used stone instead of iron. The size and shape of their tools seemed a much better fit to get the job done. Another great tool from the Powhatan tribe…The very first crock pot. They made these uniquely shaped pots almost a cone shape and would bury part of it in the hot coals of the fire. The women would throw in what was available and heat it throughout the day, very set it and forget style. That way whenever you were hungry you could just stop by and take a scoop. Brilliant! Although this didn’t mean the Indian Woman could just lounge around all day, she had a whole lot of work to do ha!

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