Farewell San Diego well be back soon!

Well, San Diego was far different than I expected. In some ways it was much better than I expected but in others I came to know some sad truths. But now that all is said and done I wouldn’t have missed this experience for anything. I think we all grew and learned a lot about ourselves during our stay. We are now heading out on our next adventure in hopes of a summer filled with memories to last a lifetime. As we near the California border I feel my gypsy spirit giddy and delighted to be on the open road once more. This is where we belong right now and it feels good. We couldn’t have asked for a better last day in San Diego though. Filled with fun and friends who are more dear to us than they know. We leave with happy hearts. Turns out everything really does work out even when it’s not. Because it is what it is and sometimes that’s the best thing for us 🙂 See you soon Grand Canyon. I can’t wait !!!

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