Loving life…

I’ll make it quick because I’m pretty tired. Working for a living is hard work HA! But sooooo much fun! I almost feel guilty I get paid for this, but not really πŸ™‚ kids are having a pretty good time, we get to hang out at camp all day tomorrow and the snow is melting so they’ll be able to explore. Can’t wait for another day !!!

3 thoughts on “Loving life…

    • Well the owners of the camp are opening a store front in Keystone. The little town just down the road from Mt.Rushmore. So the first couple of days we literally folded shirts all day. But today was pretty fun because we started organizing the layout of the store. Olivia was happy because she got to use the price gun and I love love to organize so I was definitely in my element. And of course being with my hubby all day is pretty awesome !!


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