Jambi and the Road Kitty Chronicles

So on a side note…our camp fire was great last night but a certain kitty made it somewhat challenging. Now Jambi used to be an adventurous little kitty back home, he would be gone for hours and sometimes overnight with no worries. However life’s been a bit different on the road. While he does enjoy the local cuisine he is usually steps away from the front door and never ventures too far or for very long. Yesterday however was a different story. So from the beginning…Jambi has always had quite the personality on him and he tends to be a rebellious teenager at times. Yesterday we had the beds up all day so he didn’t have his favorite place to sleep we also gave him his flea meds which he really doesn’t like. Anyways, we went for a bike ride and left the front door open because Jambi was hanging out outside, but by the time we came back he was no where to be found. We started our fire, cooked our dogs and our marshmallows and still no Jambi. The sun was starting to set and Olivia was in tears. She kept saying it would be devastating if Jambi didn’t return. Hubby and I figured he was off exploring but there was that twinge of disappointment that he still wasn’t home. We called and called, got out the can of tuna, and dad did laps around the camp and still no Jambi. We had to call it a night so we all piled in the RV except for dad, he needed to pickup outside a bit. And all of the sudden he throws open the door and tosses in that naughty little kitty. Now I know this may seem ridiculous, but I really think Jambi was throwing a tantrum. He was obviously very close the whole time we had been calling, he just didn’t feel the need to let his whereabouts be known. Dad said just sauntered up not a meow or anything. UGH! Ha I still says he’s the best road kitty anyone can ask for 🙂 And I’m glad that Jambi thinks our new home is awesome too!!

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