First Campers…

It has been quite the experiencing so far. A few ups and downs and really just trying to get the hang of this big transition. It’s been hard to be away from the kids at times, and even harder to realize that they are thriving with their new found independence. I’m so proud of them!! This past week the kids have helped out so much to get the camp ready for our first guests. Ryder raked out a trailer for of wood chips for the playground all by himself, and not even as a punishment HA Dad said he had never seen him work so hard. And Ryder was so darn proud of himself, I think it made him feel really good. Olivia helped out in the cafe, stocking coolers and breaking down boxes. She got to help get the cappuccino and hot chocolate machine up and running. She learned how to use the price gun and the clothing tagger even before I did. She’s practicing her math skills while shes stocking shelves trying to figure out how many rows of chips will fit all the different types she has. And while these jobs aren’t grand career paths I am so thankful those little kids get to see what a hard days work looks like. I never thought in a million years I would be stocking shelves and hosing down shower houses. To be quite honest I think I may have thought it was beneath me. But I’m learning everyday that no one is too good for a day of hard work. And I know now that if I am forced to provide for my family I can do whatever takes. Because nothing we have done here has been as bad as I imagined it to be. For now though it’s kinda nice knowing that it’s not necessary but there may come a day…I totally feel like some kid at summer camp. It’s fun running over and getting hugs and kisses from hubby while he cruises by on the golf cart. And to see the kiddos running around in the creek. I love that they were given the official job of frog catchers this morning. Apparently while they were draining the pool they realized a couple of frogs had made it their home over the winter. They take any job they are given very seriously!! I have learned not to take my job too seriously though. Workamping is NOT some high level position in the world and it is NOT worth stressing out about. It’s about having fun and building relationships both outside our family unit and within. We had a potluck dinner last night, to celebrate the opening of the camp and all our hard work over the last few weeks. The kids were most excited about the free ice cream, or more so that I actually let them eat it 🙂 And Dad was pretty happy he got to eat meat HAHA There are definitely some perks that come with the job! But you realize how nice they are especially the day after you have cleaned the shower house and you feel even more muscles you didn’t know you had 🙂 All in all I am beyond grateful to be here and experiencing this. I can’t wait to meet our guests later. Olivia has been counting down the days, she has her nails done and her work outfit all ready to go. Hooray!!!!!!!

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