A whole new perspective

So not working for the last 10 years didn’t really hit me until this past week or so. And I then realized that my very privellaged life as a stay at home mom was not conducive to making it in the workforce. Ha!! I realized that as a stay at home mom you have the option of only surrounding yourself with good, honest people who you adore. At least for the most part. But in the workforce you don’t really have that choice. I think I may have lost some patience over the years for people I don’t care for haha as a stay at home mom you can just move to the other end of the playground. Problem solved. I suppose the next few months will be a lesson in acceptance and on a personal level putting in the effort for a positive attitude. I tell the kiddos all the time that it is their choice what kind of day they have. Now I’m realizing it’s so much easier said than done. Darn those kids for making me want to set a good example hahaha Just another notch on the experience and perspective chart I guess!! That was the goal 🙂

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