Day Two…

Of the kiddos play fest. I’m surprised they have any energy left. They have been going non stop. It’s kinda cool it reminds of when I was a kid and you got up ate breakfast and went out to play you stopped in for a quick lunch and back out again. You would come in for dinner or supper as people call it here an then you were back out until just after dark. It’s pretty awesome knowing that not only have we managed to create this for the kiddos right now but this memory actually still exists. These small towns still have what we had not so long ago. I’m starting to think maybe the world hasn’t changed as much as I thought it had. A camper told me about Kimball, South Dakota. Where the supper bell rings and the kids go home and back out again until the street lights come on and they know their day is done. I can’t wait to visit.

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