Plans in the works…

We have two days off again! Whoo hoo! I think we are headed to Evans Plunge again. We totally love that place. I am so thankful for the journey that we are on. I have looked back at old posts on occasion and seen the progression in our adventure. Every step of the way we have learned something about ourselves as a family, individuals or otherwise. I am so excited about what our future holds. In some ways we have really honed in on a direction but in so many other ways we are still living for today. I think we are finding a nice balance. But even as I write this I still haven’t booked the hotel room for tonight which tells you I’m still pretty non-committal haha I suppose just the fact that I am entertaining the idea of booking before we pull in is a big step 🙂 The kiddos are really thriving. They certainly have the run of the campground. And I love when families come in to the cafe and comment on Olivia working. I have to say I definitely don’t get tired of hearing how amazing she is. Especially the older folks, they just think shes wonderful. And man that tip jar racks up when shes helping hahaha Between her allowance and her tips I think it’s going to be a pretty great summer. They’re also becoming so independent. The checklists are so helpful. We took a full week off from school and then we started on their new summer books we picked up at my favorite store in Rapid. 3 levels of curriculum…totally my kind of place!! Ryder is doing so great, the little guy is reading so much. He read the first 3 Mighty Robot books and is now on to finishing his first Captain Underpants. We implemented another chunk of reading time which makes me pretty happy, now when I get home we do 20 minutes of silent reading. Which means mom gets to read her book too haha I give myself a huge pat on the back for that one! If there is one thing I want to give my children it is a love of reading. It’s coming slowly and I find that it is very much book specific. I also learned that 21 books to a series might be a bit over kill. They loved the weird school books until they hit about 18 and then they were kind of done. But, they are working on the last one now so they can move on to something else great!! I am also learning that their are so many paths our family could take. Mostly based on what kind of adults we want to raise. Sometimes the options can be a bit overwhelming. When you have so many choices it makes it difficult to commit to a path. I think we are ready to take a big leap. Thank goodness we have until September to figure it out. Hubby is ready to move on, I think being in one place for this long is really eating at him. He’s got the travel bug this week and bad. I on the other hand am content with seeing how all this pans out. We had a workamper up and leave out of the blue the other day and I just don’t think it’s in me to bow out of our commitment. Sure there are other financially prosperous things we could be doing and I think that’s where hubby is at with it. But really there’s a lot more to this than a paycheck. We’ve already met some really amazing people and have several invites across the country. That in itself is pretty cool. We had a big family of 12 stay with us for about week. Really nice people! So we sell knives in the camp store and the Dad’s 3 boys came in and Cody helped them with the knives for quite awhile. Cody later found out that the boys were really intimidated by him at first but by the end of the whole thing the Dad told Cody, myself and the owner that Cody had changed the little boys life with that one interaction. How cool is that??? The boys went on to visit Cody multiple times during their stay talking about knives and boy stuff. But when the Dad came up to me and gave me a hug and told me just how awesome my husband was I was pretty freaking proud. The thing is this Dad was far from the only one to seek me out and tell me such things. I think this life really suits my hubby. I think as a society we have a really skewed view on what it means to be a provider. All the money in the world couldn’t give me the feeling and comfort that I had when that man said what he had to say about my husband. That was a big moment for me in picking a path. I’m still not sure who I want my little adults to be or where I want them to be when they venture off on their own. But I know deep in my heart that exposing them to different people, cultures and places will only be an asset. Even now at 7 and 8 I feel like they have such an advantage. Just the fact that they are so comfortable striking up a conversation with young, old and in between is a huge skill. No one knows what the future holds and all we can do is hope for the best, prepare for the worst and embrace everything that comes our way.

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