All in a days work…


I must say this state is pretty incredible. We went down today to get out very own South Dakota Drivers license. Which means we are officially South Dakota residents. Whoo hoo !! We finally made it happen. Now back in San Diego a day at the DMV would not end in me being overjoyed. However the people and the process of things here are amazingly smooth. We showed up at the office supposedly during their busy time but there were really only a couple of people and when we went to take our number the ladies just called us up. We hit a little hiccup that sent us to a different office but within an hour we were back at the licensing office and as soon as we walked in even the the waiting room was a bit more crowded the girl recognized us and called us right up. Within minutes we were walking out with our brand new license !! What an incredible day !! Not to mention prior to heading back to the office I checked the status of our health insurance app and we both got approved. Which is unbelievable. And the rate is pennies compared to CA. In CA they wouldn’t even approve my insurance. So that’s a huge step. We’ve got all the homeschool stuff figured out and everything seems to be falling in place. Also the cost of our vehicle registration was so low I made the girl explain it to me several times because I just couldn’t comprehend how cheap it was. All in all I’m guessing we just saved thousands of dollars by making this switch. And it feels so right.

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