Crazy Horse


Will one day be the worlds largest mountain carving. We went here with uncle Steve and aunt DJ. We actually really enjoyed ourselves. And the Indian dancers were awesome. I love that the mountain carver who has since died would never take any government money. He helped Borglum with Rushmore and then came here with 174 dollars to his name after being asked to carve the infamous crazy horse. He worked for several years all by himself carving away the mountain. Now 7 of his 10 children and his wife Ruth keep his spirit alive continuing to carve the mountain.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Horse

    • that’s so funny that you say that because we have so many families that come up and tell us that is looks just like it did when their parents took them haha i think its really cool they wont accept funding though, supposedly they’ve turned down multiple offers in the ten million dollars range. all their money comes from donations and the small entry fee per carload. our friends steve and dj who are in the other crazy horse pic actually got married out on his arm…pretty cool!


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