Stranded in South Dakota

Well not really but I really loved the catchy title. It kinda sounded like one of those love column headers from umpteen years ago. You know the Loveless in Louisiana or Waiting in Wilmington but I digress šŸ™‚ haha I also love that word!

We are still here in Rapid City, South Dakota. And if you can believe it one short year ago about this time we started school here at the very RV park where we are currently. Weird!! Olivia thought it was pretty hilarious. Shes is one of those everything is fantastically, boisterously laugh out loud funny right now. I love watching their little personalities shape. Sometimes anyways. You’ll be going about your day and then all the sudden this weird phrase drops our of their mouths and you’re thinking to yourself ugh I really should have kept them in a bubble ha. But then they turn around and say something like “stage dive” and jump off the steps into the RV floor at full speed imagining a crowds of screaming fans. It’s a give and take I suppose, like most things.

We hope to be heading out of the great state of SD soon. We decided to skip the Sugar Beet Harvest and head to Amazon in Nevada for work. Hubby will be doing all the work while I spend my time writing and educating the kiddos.

Speaking of writing I swear I just hit my last keystroke about 1130 last night and my alarm went off at 413 this morning to get back at it. Unfortunately I must have turned it off and I didn’t actually get back to my computer until 5 but I can still get a good amount of words in today. My “literary agent: AKA Hubby/Dad/Houseboy is breathing down my neck HA I’ve dreamed of saying that since I started writing šŸ™‚ In any case he gave me a very clear set of goals yesterday after speaking with the publisher. I think I may actually pull this off. Maybe not well but who cares, we’re doing it!!

I had a dream about Charlie Rose the other night. I was sitting on the set being interviewed and he said one of the words I use in my stories a lot, even though I cant remember the word, but we sat in the interview and debated about the appropriate way to pronounce the word. I mean on all levels this is pretty ridiculous, if I had to guess Charlie Rose is going to know a heck of a lot more words than I would haha although is my new best friend.

Per usual the Cunningham’s have a very loosely defined plan but that’s just how we enjoy living our lives. I’m wishing and hoping and praying and good vibing and visualizing and well you get the point, that my new prospects come to fruition. I actually skimmed through a “best seller” last night doing some research and the author actually put several sentences in there with no commas just ands. Hmmm But seriously, if anyone has some karmic favors to put in and you don’t need them for yourself The Cunningham’s would love your attention.

I am truly enjoying my new found passion and boredom hasn’t even set in yet. That has to be a record! I also came across about the best band ever. The Dirty Heads are more than just a muse they are totally freaking awesome! I have never been one to hear the lyrics in songs. Don’t get me wrong I can sing most songs word for word but it’s more a sound recognition thing than actually processing and interpreting the lyrics but these guys are incredible. “Duddy B” and I will meet up one day. I have no doubt. Their music is hugely inspirational and most of my stories are written to them blasting in my headphones!

Well, it’s just about time to get to my characters. I hope to wrap this story minus editing today. Then it’s on to the next one. San Diego is on the radar so we will see what happens. I know it would certainly make the kiddos happy.

Here’s to a great day! And lots of words šŸ™‚Image

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