Day 9 Without A Car

Day 9 Without A Car

So we dropped the poor Truck off last Tuesday at the shop, just for some routine maintenance and well you read the header HA! The good news is the truck will survive if we throw some money at it, and the warranty company has finally decided to fix it. Hooray! We took it to one of their certified service centers just in case it had warranty issues and it’s not like we have anyone up here. They claim the warranty process is smooth and easy if you choose their people, OK. So we see that truck has problems, problems of which are listed in my warranty contract as covered but they STILL require an inspector to come out. Fine, well they find out Friday so it doesn’t happen until Monday, OK. So, at this point I realize hey we have a rental car program through the warranty people and travel reimbursement stuff. So considering we were supposed to leave Monday I figured well our travel was interrupted and I want a rental car. They don’t even know anything from the inspector until Tuesday so that morning my cheery self calls again for some travel/car rental info. Apparently the work to be done is clocked for 5.9 hours which doesn’t qualify for a rental or travel expenses, of course it doesn’t HA Sooooo, I ask again are you going to even fix it? They still don’t know, even though its black and white in my contract that its a covered item. OK. Very short story long, I rang them up again yesterday morning, this time playing the mom stranded with her kiddos in South Dakota card and you know what they finally got an answer. Ugh! I know, I know it’s a warranty company but MAN! Anyways, so truck is on its way to getting fixed with a considerable out of pocket but thank god, warranty company too. So the rental car thing has turned into a family challenge. We could have picked up a rental car at anytime, they have a service that comes out here and picks you up the whole deal. We didn’t really need to go anywhere, but we hadn’t exactly stocked up on food. SO that’s what our fridge looks like, the thing is usually crammed full. Its been pretty amazing what we have come up with to eat though since we aren’t just throwing new groceries in front of all the crap! haha Crackers that the kids would never touch were suddenly pretty tasty. And we have cheese, what more do you really need 🙂 We are going to bite the bullet today and get the rental, our little experiment has run its course. I highly recommend forcing yourself to really go as long as you can without shopping, it was fun!! Today we would have had to get into the MRE’s so hubby put his foot down, if I had it my way it would have been chip beef and spaghetti for breakfast 🙂

On a happier note, when the truck actually pulls through and we don’t flood our home with the black tank again we should be leaving this wonderful state Monday. Poor Dad has literally been up to his elbows in crap trying to fix the tank issue. I’m pretty impressed with his progress, and the flys really love him too! The “brown flood” of 2013, which Ryder named so appropriately, is now a humorous topic in our household. IT WASN’T FOR A SHORT TIME 🙂 Anyways, we flooded the black tank up and out of the toilet into the bathroom , down the stairs, into the heater vent. Ugh. It was bad. But we got it all cleaned up and the RV is coming through ok. It’s amazing to me how all the water has no problem going up and out of the toilet but it just wont go down as easily. There’s only so many freaking places it can go!!! But Dad is diligently trouble shooting the issue and he has kept the bathroom useable which I appreciate more than anything 🙂 So we will see. I can’t believe everything kind of broke at once but so is life right? 🙂

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