Home sweet…Nah just San Diego

Calling San Diego home just doesn’t sit well with me anymore. And to be honest I love that we don’t. There is nothing I love more about this lifestyle than calling everywhere we go home. Because no matter where we are in this wonderful world anytime we’re headed back to the trailer we call it home. And really all I could ever ask for is that my kids know that wherever we are as a family that’s home. We also have had the privilege to have some of the most beautiful “backyards” on our travels. Plus I don’t have to take care of them so that’s a huge bonus. San Diego is probably not one of those places surprisingly. At least the ones we can afford. RVing in San Diego is tough work compared to the rest of the country. We managed to get all set up and prepared for our 5ish week adventure here. Jambi is happy the kiddos are happy and hubby’s happy. And Duddy B is crooning through my headphones. What more could a mom ask for 🙂 so watch out San Diego because the Cunninghams are here to shake things up but just for a short while because that’s just what we do 🙂

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