Leaving San Diego

We knew it was coming and yet 3 days made a world of difference. Late last night we heard that in order for hubby to get the day shift at amazon he was required to report at 9am Saturday morning. We had planned out our final days here pretty much down to the hour and then bam! We packed up and left the hotel abandoning our last dland day and numerous other plans and are on our way back to San Diego to pick up the RV and head out early AM. I am so thankful for our time here and look forward to our adventure in Nevada. There’s no way we could turn down the day shift so we are doing what it takes to get us there. It’s kind of like driving away and feeling like you left the coffee pot on but on a bigger scale. I’m always saying I like adventure and not knowing what the next day will hold. Be careful what you wish for I guess 🙂 I know it will all be ok and we had a truly amazing time. Saying goodbye is always hard especially when you thought you had more time, wow that could really spin into something deep. I’ll just leave it at yet another lesson in appreciation for the Cunningham’s 🙂

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