Snow on the Mountains

Well, hubby completed his first week. And now he has three days off. Whoo hoo!! Found a carpool here at the park which is totally awesome. So they will start on Sunday. And the big rush of campers comes in to start work Saturday so we should see a pretty decent increase at the park. The kiddos are getting so much school done. All those cool things we would never have time for. The book stuff is going great, I think I may even have a cheap editor lined up. I feel like we are getting close. Dad is rocking Amazon but looking forward to his three days. Turns out San Francisco is less than four hours away, Tahoe is less than an hour and so is the Donner Memorial. So excited to go explore. Three days is a ton of time to do stuff. We had our first super cold day and it snowed in the mountains. So pretty. Love that it’s freezing outside and toasty in the RV all for free 🙂 That still amazes me! Shopped around town for a bit the other day, nice place but not getting the I want to move here vibe. Excited about hubby’s new Amazon friend. He just came back from 5 years down in Costa Rica, super excited to pick his brain. Reno is going to be great!!!

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