You have to (insert passion here) like you believe…

Disguise by The Dirty Heads

When life is boring
Write your own story
In skies youre soaring
When life is surreal
Put on your disguise
And just live in the sky
Just live in the sky

The Dirty Heads have been such a huge inspiration in my writing. I couldn’t be happier that we are so close to publishing. I’d like to say it’s been a long grueling process because that just sounds cool but it’s been relatively easy and as it turns out I absolutely love to write. There aren’t many things that I have wanted this badly in life. It’s hard sometimes though, I told Hubby it’s like being stoned, I have all these great ideas but now I never actually forget any of them 🙂 and I actually have the drive to act, so they just pile up and wait to be cultivated. I am so the person who thinks everything should have happened like yesterday. Learning that I can’t possibly do everything at once has been a great lesson in patience but it doesn’t make waiting for my Empire any easier 🙂

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