Times Up!

So we could be leaving as early as the 19th!! Wow did that time go by fast. Hubby has a meeting tomorrow and we may extend our time here, but at least we are narrowing down our options. We had a fun conversation with the kiddos a couple of days ago, basically we asked them if you could pick anywhere to spend Christmas where would it be, so cool that it’s a legit question. I figured Olivia would say San Diego, and she did, well after she chose Antarctica, it is summer down there right?? Ryder surprised me though, he said DC, which is kind of where we spent Christmas last year. I really want to go back too. But, not sure the weather will hold for us to get there. So west it is….Not sure how far west, but seeing as how we are this close to Dland, it would be pretty heard to pass up. Not to mention all of our amazing friends!!!! Sooooo, as usual time will tell. 

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