Thank you


To all my wonderful friends. And my mom !! Our visit was great 🙂 we really needed it. After heading to Bakersfield we got a good nights sleep and still planned to head into Fairfield that morning and pull into our new RV park the next day. But hubby called me early Thursday morning and let me know that the RV had caught in fire. what ?!?! Luckily everyone and everything is ok. Thank goodness he decided not to go into work that day. First day of overtime he has skipped in 12 weeks. Crazy !!! Anyways we decided that it would be best for kiddos and I just to drive into Reno that day so we got on the road and made the trek in. Fortunately the fire was minor and just as we were pulling in hubby was almost done with repairs. Life just has a way sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Thank you

    • Well…….the incoming electrical cord from the parks main breaker into our unit burst into flames. So the fire was in our storage compartment on the drivers side. Luckily, nothing was damaged. But scared the crap out of Cody. Apparently he was sleeping and the cat started going crazy. Woke him up and then he smelled smoke. Ran outside barefoot in the snow ha fire extinguisher in tow and saw flames. He was set to work that day but last minute we changed the plan. Thank goodness we did. The whole thing would have gone up. Fortunately he got everything replaced/repaired by the time the kids and I pulled back into town that night. Seems like it was on the parks end for not triggering the main breaker.


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