Leading my family into greatness….It’s like kinda hard :)

Oh thank goodness only 10 nights left. I’m not going to lie, living in Fernley, NV SUCKS! Now, I know I am supposed to be grateful and stay positive and all that other stuff that I preach to my kiddos, but the bottom line is, sometimes it’s MUCH easier said than done. I wake up everyday and think how lucky I am that I get to spend every waking hour with my children, and then I think, oh my goodness every waking hour with my children haha See the whole idea of RVing was to TRAVEL! Well, sometimes life gets in the way and my practical side gets the best of me. December 18th, that was our goal but then we realized Amazon was pretty cool. Health benefits, stock options, only a 4 day work week and the best part that we could travel with them. Every 90 days we can transfer, abroad, in the states, wherever we can find an opening. Soooooo, I am very impatiently awaiting our next move, literally. We still have Costa Rica on the back burner, a summer job in the Adirondacks, a real estate deal in South Dakota and Oregon, and one last year of full time travel, but there are just so many choices, and when you are not independently wealthy you have to be a little choosey. So here we sit in the middle of the desert biding our time. Still not sure what the book is going to do, 257 downloads during the promo, it’s something. I just need something out of these 4 walls, and then we will truly have the freedom to go and do. We have found that it is harder when you have four mouths to feed and only one person who can comfortably work at a time, the kiddos do need parents some of the time 🙂 But we are the Cunningham’s, truly innovative, not afraid of anything, and willing to find completely unconventional ways to achieve our dreams.

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