Blog Update

It feels so good to be baaaaack! Only the Eminem fans will find that line truly inspiring, but I totally am soooooo…Yeah moving on.

So happy to be back to blogging again, but probably more important is that we actually have stuff worth blogging about. We set out for Alaska today, and it couldn’t have gone any better! What a perfect day!

After our amazing, amazing time in San Diego we made the quick jaunt back to Fernley but not before meeting up with friends in Pahrump. Just about the best 24 hours ever, not to mention we filled every second with fun! The kids bowled and hit the arcade and I popped my BINGO cherry, as the pros say! Such a super fun time!

Back in Fernley we packed and packed and incorporated all the crap we got from San Diego, turns out it was a little less than it looked like in the truck which was a really good thing, because this RV can’t hold much more 🙂 4 nights back in the RV and we were ready for the Easter Bunny to make his visit and head east on the 80.

I wanted to do something a little different with the blog, so I’m hoping to have a very specific Alaska journey type of thing with video updates. Everyone was very excited to do their quick vid tonight, we’ll see how long the novelty lasts.

I am beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity. I’m still not quite sure why the universe picked me for such a cool life experience but I’m just going to go with it!! I feel better than ever being back on the road. This is totally my bag!

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