Oh Canada!!!

What a crazy day yesterday. 2 hours at the Canadian border but we finally made it. We pulled into the Lethbridge, Alberta Walmart late last night after driving through the rain. 3 nights in a row. It’s a record !! We’ve been without running water since we left Fernley and surprisingly we are all doing great !! Just gearing up for Alaska I guess. It’s beyond windy outside. The whole trailer just wailed and shook last night. Not sure if we can leave the parking lot today. But I’m good. Got my free mcdonalds wifi haha I know we’ve been saying we are going to alaska but now it’s for really real !!! We are totally going to alaska !! I’ve also been tasked with true navigator. No fancy electronic devices for me. Thank goodness for my book. Hope hubby is patient everyone I say “oh sorry we just passed it” ha. The family was ecstatic last night to get across the border. And the kids did great !! So polite. So knowledgable with the agents and just the best attitudes. I am so proud of them. More soon.

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