Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Alaska Highway

Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Alaska Highway

It was pretty crazy just leaving our house parked in the local Walmart while we explored the town, but hey, that’s just what we do now! We spent about an hour hitting the main landmarks, making sure to soak up some local culture. This really nice woman at the stoplight pulled her car over and offered to take our picture at the flags. Of course the only obvious conclusion is that she wants to take off with my iphone. Thanks San Diego, that’s what I got from growing up there. What she really wanted to do was make sure our family had a picture of the 4 of us to remember our wonderful journey. Again, the people here were so friendly, and I love the accent…I better becareful, I’m already in full blown South Dakota mode, I could easily come back talking like the Canadians haha

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