What a day

More videos and pics to come. Everything is uploading now but I’m off to bed. We drove through the northern Rockies today and stopped at a little RV park hoping to do some laundry and get some wifi. At least we accomplished the wifi. Not much for running water around here. Maybe we can find a laundromat in the next town or something. I can’t believe the dirt. The truck and trailer are filthy haha and I love every speck of dirt that’s on them. Everyone’s rig is a mess. That’s the ak highway !! Hubby did a great job driving us through the mountains. There were some seriously steep grades. And there were a few bumps that were just awful. But the rig and truck held up great. Met a couple of fellow full timers on their way up to ak yesterday. And saw both filling up in fort Nelson today. Kinda cool. Seems like we’ll be seeing them along the way. People are as nice as can be up here. And willing to do whatever they can to help. I’ve never seen so much snow. It’s just packed on the mountains. So beautiful. Lakes are frozen and so are the rivers. We are having a great time and learning and reflecting everyday. I feel so much different about the drive now. Maybe I was just super stressed about the border crossing. Or maybe I’ve just learned something’s over they last year and a half. One can hope 🙂 can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. It’s sure to be a great day!!!!

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