Glenallen, Alaska

Glenallen, Alaska

So we pulled in late Friday night and of course everything is still closed. Most RV parks and campgrounds don’t open until Mid to late May, so we stopped a a mock RV park and paid for our Electric, but woke up with a flat, quite possibly due to the abundance of debris in the parking lot haha but what are you gonna do! We’ve been very luck so far and honestly a flat overnight is waaaaay better than a blowout on the highway while trying to climb a mountain. Since we are living the life of do-it-yourselfers now hubby decided to change our tire. In months past we’ve always had roadside come out to us. We made sure to get out spares in order, and a jack before we left, planning on at least one flat, but funny thing is, the other day I asked hubby if he actually had the hardware to remove the lugs. Well, we didn’t and since we were in Canada at the time, we were having a heck of a time matching the right measurements, so we just had to skip it. Luckily we happened to be parked right next to a Napa and the guys let him borrow a tire iron to see if it would work, and it did!! Two jacks later, and a few dollars in parts and we had our fancy new spare on. Yeah!!!

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