As we descend the mountain we get even closer, sparking our curiosity, well mine anyway….and then I come to an advertisement in my Milepost book about visiting the Matanuska Glacier….”Quick!! Pull off honey we’re going to hike the glacier!” I yell. So he veers across oncoming traffic and screeches our giant trailer to a halt onto the dirt lot. OK, it wasn’t quite the dramatic! Anyhow, the kids are less than thrilled about hiking a glacier, mostly because they have no concept as to what that actually means. Olivia hears 2 miles and is convinced she is going to starve to do death if I don’t bring snacks, and Ryder is certain that he will be mauled by a bear or get crushed to death by falling ice. Typical reactions to anything new on both their parts 🙂 But in all our travels, I have found that the best stops are the spontaneous ones! They typically build quite a lot of character.

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