Dirt Road….

Dirt Road....

So we stop at the top and inquire further. $75 a head gets us a tour….ummm no! For $50 out the door, we can all walk as far as we can without falling to our death all on our own…sold! We once again leave our home, on the side of a mountain, in a dirt lot, with a “trust worthy” convenience store clerk who assures us we can take the trailer down said dirt road, but we’re welcome to leave the trailer if we’d like. We opt to leave our “big ass” trailer at the top of the mountain, considering we can’t see past the first swtich back of the dirt road. Rule number one as an RV’er, if you can’t see at least a full trailer’s length ahead, you’re probably not going to make it!! So we all get geared up, snacks, waters the whole deal. And we head down. This is the smallest, windiest dirt road we have probably ever been down. Trailer??? hahaha Not a chance! Not only is it just about straight down, I fear at this point the truck may not even take the corners 🙂 Man I love adrenaline !!!

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