A quick morning rant….it’s times like this I wish I was a phenomenal writer :)

Since when did “climate change” become a four letter word? I had no idea science could be so subjective. I thought that was the beauty of science, it is what it is. As we’ve traveled across the country, at least a couple of times, and now all the way up to “The Last Frontier”, we’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the worlds “last great natural wonders”. Does anyone stop and think how those natural wonders got there? How many millennia it’s taken to create them? Or that it is an ever evolving process? I am so sick of hearing about global warming destroying our earth. It’s because of, in spite of, or -insert other cliché here-, that we actually have all these beautiful scenes on the horizon, to think that science built this one perfectly beautiful glacier, and it was meant to be here for all eternity is at the very least naïve, but really quite foolish. Do you truly believe that an island that hangs out at about 5 feet above sea level wasn’t meant to go under? Or the trees in the Redwoods weren’t due to fall down some day? Now I’m not saying I don’t believe in global warming, that would mean that I would have to throw out billions of years of the earth’s history, including massive surges in cold and ice all the way to the other end of the spectrum, quite possibly where our earth is finding itself yet again, the heating phase. I’m not going to pretend to be highly educated in this area or claim that I’ve done significant research, but what I do know is this, anywhere you go, any “natural” feature of this beautiful earth was created by science, from the Grand Canyon to Arches to Craters of the Moon, and even the Florida Keys. We as a human race are absolutely part of the cycle; we’re carbon how could we not be? But did anyone ever stop and think that maybe just maybe the earth is destined to change with or without our help or hindrance? I have no doubt that because of the ridiculously consumptive ways of our American dream that we are impacting the cycle, but recycling a few water bottles and driving our eco friendly cars is hardly going to put a dent in what we’ve created, or what science has been creating. Maybe we’re in the process of creating a world even more beautiful than it is today, or maybe science will keep evolving and completely wipe out anything that humans ever touched, because from what I have seen, it’s really that powerful. Science has literally moved mountains, and that’s pretty low on the list of sciences accomplishments. Ugh! Just realize for one second that the human race isn’t the end all be all, and that we are just a blip in time, a teeny tiny piece of an infinite puzzle. Maybe we’ve all done this before. Maybe we’ll all do it again. After seeing some of sciences greatest feats you begin to feel pretty freaking small on the scale of life. After logging on to the computer this morning and seeing “climate change” on just about every facet of my yahoo page, even how global warming is going to affect my sex life, I clicked on one of the articles titled “Natural Wonders to see before they are lost to Global Warming”. Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down. See what you can. Embrace what you want. And above all, don’t take life too freaking seriously, because no one is making it out alive!

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