Alaska days….

Things are going great! The kiddos are having a wonderful time, that it is when I’m not subjecting them to the tortures of school, but beach time is quite the reward after a long day. Things picked up around here for the river open this past weekend. No more fishing for now though, the river will re-open Saturday at 1201am. So fun to talk to the fisherman and here about true Alaska life. Loving my new vocabulary too…

Outsider: We’re an “outsider” and we came from the outside. Pretty self explanatory, but I think it’s pretty funny when I’m casually talking to someone and they say something like, “so you came from the outside?” Love it!

The Lower 48: Again very self explanatory, but good to know just what to call it down there.

Everyday we learn something new. I’m really fascinated right now by the subsistence fishing. Basically by being an Alaskan resident you get to head down to the fisheries and dip net for fish, and your family size determines your keep for the year. What a cool way to live! I love when people talk about their fish freezer and their caribou freezer, because that’s just what you do up here. I also love seeing women taking their babies on a walk with a gun holstered to their hip, I mean how cool is that!

Things are already in full swing for the upcoming weekend. Locals say the campgrounds will be packed, and that means lots of kiddos. Olivia already spotted a family with a baby, so she’s set! Had our first fish delivery, our “neighbors” brought us 3 big salmon filets, so generous, it doesn’t get any better than that!

We made it 7 whole days on just our tanks, not bad for 4 people, and striving for a few more this week. We’re coming up with creative ideas to make our tanks last just a little bit longer. Although when I saw creative most people would think gross or hard. But hey I’m living on the shores of an Alaskan peninsula for the summer, life isn’t all that bad. It’s actually pretty fun to drive down to the natural spring and fill up our water jugs, and I know exactly how many gallons go in the RV, and how many gallons go out, talk about conservation efforts 🙂 It feels right being busy with our own stuff, not just working to get the almighty dollar. A lot of people up here have a very different view on work and money. Don’t get me wrong these people bust their asses, but a lot of them work hard to keep their household running smoothly and put a little in their pocket, because that’s just the society we live in. We visited our first ever pay shower last week, 7 minutes of hot water for $2 haha But it never felt so good. Laundry is pretty high too, so we’ll be doing our wash out of 5 gallon buckets, at least for most of it. I suppose every now and then we’ll splurge on a machine, but the idea of clean is very relative. I mean when you think about it what is clean? Really just a state of mind to an extent. We smell like campfire all the time, does that make us dirty? I’m happy to have had a good amount of time on the road prior to coming up here. It takes a little getting used to, but so happy to know more than just my city girl life.We have a long summer ahead of us, but just seeing how much we’ve learned already I am so excited to see what summer brings. If nothing else it’s a huge check mark on my life list. I still don’t know how I got so lucky, healthy kids, an amazing hubby who goes above and beyond to take care of us all while traveling the globe, I am just so thankful.



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