Campground fun….

Life’s funny sometimes. Growing up privileged in San Diego, and yes seeing what we’ve seen most of us are pretty freaking well off living in our suburban little town, I don’t know if I ever got the opportunity to push the limits of my comfort zone. Then came Alaska. Sure you can be the happily married couple living on the shores of Valdez on your 40 ft boat for the summer, but that’s not us. We haven’t earned it yet! We are the happily married couple with two kiddos who trek up the road a few miles just to take a shower. As I stood in the parking lot brushing out my freshly washed hair, dressed in uggs, stained stretch pants and a sweatshirt, I just had to laugh. Two short years ago this image would have be inconceivable. Now, it’s just my wonderfully, spontaneous life. It seems small in the scheme of things, when you think about the families who are facing true hardship, if only showering once a week was the worlds biggest problem we’d been in pretty good shape. But it’s all relative right? My point is, that back in my old life none of “this”, what we’re doing everyday, would have even seemed possible. So I’m grateful for having this experience, but more so that my kids are living it, maybe they won’t grow up to be spoiled little brats like their mommy 🙂 Hubby and I laugh all the time at the stories our kids will have later in life, like the summer in Alaska when they had about 2 hours of hot running water spread over 5 months.

Looking forward to a great Memorial Day, it’s dark and gloomy out because of the fires but hopefully it will begin to clear up soon. News here isn’t just a quick check on the internet. Hubby came home the day before yesterday and gave me some fire updates, and I asked him what site he was going to because I hadn’t really found anything. He said he just went up into town and asked around. I find that to be quite comical. It never even dawned on me that you could go up to the market, or the pawn shop, or the bar and talk to a real live person about what’s going on. Love small town life 🙂





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