Day 86 of the Alaskan Adventure

I can’t believe how fast our time here is going! Alaska is huge, like so big! The peninsula alone has way more to see than any summer could ever allow. Activities up here are more expensive than I ever imagined. Not even reasonable, more like ridiculously outrageous. Guess that’s why rich, old people are the only ones who travel Alaska. We do love our hikes, you know because they’re free 🙂 But seriously the hiking up here is pretty amazing. We actually polled our top 3 beautiful places yesterday in the car and this is what shook out…

Mom – 1. Alaska 2. South Dakota 3. Tennessee

Dad – 1. Alaska 2. South Dakota 3. Tennessee

Olivia – 1. Florida 2. South Dakota 3. Alaska

Ryder – 1. Alaska 2. Florida 3. South Dakota

We are more than half way through our time up here, and have realized it is not nearly enough. We are looking at how we should extend our time here, not going to give away any details yet but we’re getting closer to having it all figured out 🙂 And I’m so freaking excited!

Things make sense up here. Like the “Road Kill List”. So say you’re driving down the road and BAM you hit a moose. So you call the troopers and they immediately start dialing names on the road kill list. I picture it going something like this, so hey Bob, Joe just hit a moose over off Sterling, wanna come and butcher him up? Joe says sure, I’ll be right there, or nah I can’t be there in time why don’t you just move onto the next name. And then the next gets called and so forth until someone can be on the scene within an hour to chop up the moose on the side of the road for meat. I know it sounds weird, but there is absolutely no reason to let a good moose go to waste. And the really amazing part, they don’t tax you or condemn you, it just makes sense.







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