Whittier, AK, Glacier Cruise

Whittier Cruise, AK 8.20 (7)

The town of Whittier is located just off the peninsula about 4 hours north of Homer, AK, but the really neat part is that this eclectic little town is on the other side of a one way tunnel through a mountain, that just so happens to be the towns only land access point. Every hour, on the hour, traffic may leave Whittier, and every half-hour traffic may enter Whittier. Not only is it a one way tunnel, but there’s a train that shares the throughway as well. It’s about two and a half miles long, and feels even longer, there is no question that you are traveling right through the center of a mountain. The town is comprised of just a few hundred people, and they all pretty much live in the same building, called The Towers. This place is a trip, and one of my favorite destinations! We were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the massive cruise ship that had pulled into port earlier that day, waiting to whisk thousands of passengers away later that evening.


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