A true AK car!


So the kids are back in the RV with their nana, and our home inspector is in the air flying to the peninsula to scope out our potential new home. Hubby and I hop in our truck, head north for a couple of hours, and pick up Jason from the airport. We’re on the road for maybe 15 minutes, still headed north, even farther away from our kids, and the truck just dies! What the hell! We know absolutely no one, we are a good 100 miles away from our house and our kids, and the truck is being towed to the next biggest city. On the bright side, Jay gets a ride in our truck as it’s being towed, only in Alaska!

Fortunately we have nice bosses and within hours they arrived at the diesel shop happy to take us home. I say to hubby, Crap! This means we HAVE to buy their house now!

So now we have 4 adults, 2 kids, and a cat sharing the RV, with no transportation. Thankfully Jason is a trooper and tents it out back. We wake up the next morning and all the plans I had in the short amount of time while our friend was here have been crushed, but the home inspection is still set, although at this point I was starting to wonder why.

You see it’s not that we actually wanted a house, to be clear I still don’t love the idea of buying a house. Way too much conformity for me. However, this job up here, is like the awesomest, radest job in the world, but the bosses weren’t giving up their job unless someone came along to buy their house, and If you didn’t know by now, AK real estate is nothing like CA.

So that brings me to my sweet new ride! Car rentals in AK are ridiculous, I mean not even affordable, and with absolutely no hope for the truck we had to do something. We don’t even have water at our campsite, a vehicle was a must. So hubby hit the town and we got hooked up with our new car. Two years ago I would have sobbed and threw a huge fit over even being seen looking at a piece of crap like that, but you know what, it’s mine, it runs, and I freaking love that car!

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