What a summer!


I feel like there is so much to get caught up on, I guess I’ll just start from the beginning. It’s a tale as old as time, boy meets girl, girls swoons for boy, OK well maybe we don’t need to go back that far. Let’s fast forward to December 2011. Hubby no longer has a job, crap! But we pull it together and devise a plan, a plan that I still to this day have no idea where it came from, but nonetheless we see it through. Friends and family tell us we’re crazy! How could we sell it all and travel the country, having never stepped foot in an RV before. We beat the odds, and make it on the road not one but two years and somehow wind up in Alaska. We were pretty certain the universe had plans for us up here, and we joked about taking our bosses jobs and buying their house. Then life throws a curve ball, or in our case a broke down truck….AGAIN

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