A True AK mountain man….Apparently

003 (2)

So it’s Jason’s last day here and we decide to head to the Russian River and hike to the falls. The fish are everywhere spawning and running, and it’s totally amazing. Well worth the strife with the truck so far, fyi we still at this point had no idea what the hell was wrong with the stupid truck. Anyways, we have a great little hike, watch some fish and then this man seen here, who speaks no English at all, gestures to take a picture. First we think, oh he’s offering to take a picture of the three of us, no that’s not it. Then we think, oh he wants us to take a picture of him and his family, no that’s not it. Then he proceeds to face hubby and gestures to him that he wants to take his picture. Jason and I stand back and take our own pics of what’s happening. Pretty sure hubby is famous somewhere in Asia now 🙂 I love it!

Later that night after a little fishing on the Kenai, we take our friend to the airport and thank him for signing off on the house, he gives it a rave review 🙂 We head home and await the big news of the truck!

Morning comes and we finally hear about our truck 10k to fix! Great! Meanwhile we just committed to buy a house. Great! So we contemplate in great detail what all this means and how we’re supposed to figure it all out. At this point I want to get as far away from AK as I possibly can, it’s in my nature to run 🙂 And hubby and I take turns being the logical one, him more than mean of course. And in the end…..

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