Denali National Park, AK Horseshoe Lake Trail Loop

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So we enjoy our beautiful lake scenery and continue down the path, I’m telling hubby that I have no idea where this trail is going, this isn’t what I read in the trail guide, but it’s awesome so we keep going. Then we see park employees off in the distance as the trail wraps around the lake, a girl looks up and says congratulations we just finished, you are the first visitors on the NEW Horseshoe Lake Trail Loop! Seriously, they were just picking up their tools and equipment, we really were the first park visitors to walk this loop. How awesome is that!

So I get to talking with the lead crew member, she’s maybe mid twenties, and she is a rockstar. First time in Denali, but she started with the Youth Conservation Association back when she was 15, and just led her own crew in Denali National Park over the summer.

Part of our time on the road has been about learning how not to get sucked into corporate America. It’s just not what we wanted for our family, and I want to show our kids that there are amazing opportunities out there, and I want to help them achieve those prospects.

These park jobs not only pay, but some offer on sight housing, and even more benefits. What a wonderful way to see the world!

We will never look at a trail the same again, I think we have taken advantage of these amazing trail systems across the country, these kids really do go out and “blaze a trail” even in our modern world, and I so appreciate their efforts! You only have to be 15 to get involved, and I truly think these are some amazing opportunities, I can’t wait!

The Student Conservation Association –

US Forest Service –

National Parks –

Here are just a few websites with summer programs for kiddos, just think of all the incredible opportunities there are for them!

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