I hate that I love shopping…..

So we decided to take advantage of the big city stores and spend a couple of days in Wasilla and Anchorage to pick up a few things for the house. First of all the marketing execs at Target are the most brilliant people ever, and I hate them! For the last couple of years I haven’t really felt the need to fill up my cart with useless things, but man it felt so good. The bright lights, the faint smell of Starbucks and day old pretzels in the distance, I mean what more could you really ask for? I had zero restraint when it came to all their marketing ploys, I was hooked! Fortunately, my love for travel popped into my head every now and then and stopped me from making completely ridiculous purchases, because truly, I would rather be able to hop on a plane in a few months than buy a new toaster oven, and every little bit adds up. Maybe I did learn a little something over the last couple of years, but that’s not to say that new towels that matched didn’t find their way into my cart. Part of me feels like I have totally sold out, like I’m cheating on everything I believe in, then part of me says screw that, have you seen the incredibly awesome things they have in the dollar section at Target!!!

The kiddos and hubby did a great job though, following me around in a hurried frenzy as I asked him if this went with that, and do we really need a thingamabob? They were troopers! Then I realized not only do we need to furnish the house, I suppose if the kiddos are going to be like interacting with other kids on a daily basis they should probably show up in different clothes on a somewhat regular basis, crappy modern society! So Olivia went on a spree too!

After several stores and a few Craigslist ads the trailer was full, I mean really full! So we set off for the peninsula and got back to camp. I was so happy to get out of the city! Stoplights and traffic, and sooooo many people! Ugh! It really doesn’t take long to get used to the simple ways of a small town.

By the time we got back we only had 2 nights at the campground and then it was time to pull our trailer over to the new place. It was actually really nice being back at the campground, the gates were locked and we had the place to ourselves. We spent the couple of days cleaning up our site and getting the rest of our things packed up and ready to move.

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