Moving Day


Where to start? To be honest over the summer we didn’t spend much time in the house. It was never about the carpet or the layout, or if it just had that one thing we would totally buy it. Purchasing the house was spurred purely by the job offer, and then of course some other logistics. So we walked around the empty house after bringing over the trailer and just looked around. I saw cupboards I had never seen before, the carpet was a completely different color, and in much better shape, than I had remembered. There were things I liked, and things I didn’t, our master bedroom is red, like really red, like The Shining Red Rum kind of red, I’ll post a pic 🙂

We had planned to live in the RV for awhile while we got things organized inside, but man the weather turned fast, and then I realized oh yeah we’re in AK! So we opted to move into the house that day. We brought in only what we needed and saved the big stuff for the next day. I still can’t believe how much crap we has in our RV.

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