Time to say…See ya real soon!

Well it was a great time in San Diego. We ended with Disney on a high note. We got to see the opening day of the Christmas festivities and luckily the weather cooled way down and the crowds died down too. In true Cunningham fashion we closed down the park at midnight just to catch our 8am flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was a whirlwind for sure. Just the way we like it. The flight wasn’t bad, about a 6 hour straight through, immigration took quite a while then it was off to the same house we stayed at last year, just for the night. Sunday morning we woke up early to catch our bus to the Caribbean. At this point everything was starting to fall into place. Our Spanish was coming back and I sure felt a whole lot more comfortable than I did last year. A quick 4 hour ride, with a stop in Limon to pick up some tasty empanadas, and we were in Cahuita. We stopped at the market then headed for the jungle. Ryder was so happy to see his friend from last year, and the jungle was just as we remembered. We unpacked and then it was off to the beach. I actually stayed behind and swayed in the hammock, exactly where I’m writing this from right now. It’s kind of my favorite spot. The howler monkeys have been abundant. Saw mommy with baby on her back swinging through the tree above our cabina this morning. So amazing! And it still baffles me how little these guys are but how loud their call is. We’re on day 4 of our Central American adventure. Leaving Cahuita tomorrow and headed for Punta Uva, just about 45 minutes south. Another beach side location. So far so good. A fee hurdles here and there, but I suppose that’s expected. We’ll see what the trip holds and continue to create bonds, and memories.

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