Christmas in Alaska 2017

We finally made it back!! Whew! After our 6 hour bus ride from Samara to San Jose we finally arrived at the airport in time for our 5pm LAX flight. But the flight was cancelled so we didn’t leave until the next day. We made it to LAX. Took advantage of the FREE car rental shuttles to and from the airport. Ate at Carl’s Jr. And then waited and waited for yet another midnight departure. Lucky for us once in Anchorage the charter flight crew was able to get us on early so we arrived in Kenai about 7am. A trip to Walmart and an hour and a half taxi ride later we were finally back in the Alaska house. Unfortunately it turned out that our water heater needed to be repaired. So our long awaited hot shower after days of traveling didn’t quite happen as expected. But so goes life. Luckily hubby persevered, and is super smart, and he was able to repair it himself. So we finally got a nice hot shower šŸ™‚ it felt so good!!!! And now we’re ready for Santa!!! So excited for Christmas Day!!!!!!!!

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