July already ?!?

Can you believe it’s our fifth season in Alaska? That’s really kind of crazy. It’s been a good summer so far. Easy for the most part with a little shenanigans thrown in every now and again to keep us on our toes. We’re officially losing day light, that happened fast, and we are anxiously awaiting our departure. Just a few months to go for the most part.

We’ve got our Amazon Camperforce positions all locked in and our truck and trailer are purchased and waiting for pick up. I’m so excited that we were finally able to make it happen. It took a good amount of logistics, and of course that loft was a big hurdle. Still trying to rent out our big house but I’m sure something will come along soon. Probably. Hopefully. HA! Even with that little setback we are still pressing forward. If we’ve learned anything over the years it’s that we’ll figure out whatever comes are way. Thankfully nothing too crazy has come down the tracks so we’ll just keep plugging along.

I’m excited and maybe a little anxious to see how the whole Amazon thing shakes out. Hubby and I will both be working so I see a whole “two ships passing in the night” scenario happening. But, you can do almost anything for a few months and we’ll just remember to keep our eye on the prize, beaches and bloody marys! HA! As for the kiddos, Olivia is officially a Freshman next month. Whoa! And she’s decided to do some “distance learning” through our school. Guess we’ll find out just how prepared she is for the real world ish… She’s got a great 4 year plan, and it involves some travel so that makes mom happy, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. As for Ryder he’s having a great summer. Truly a summer of friends, sleepovers, and fun! Every time the kids yell from outside that they’re going to “go play down by the river” it makes me giggle a little. Plus I think it’s pretty awesome that his backyard is an amazing river in Alaska. Kinda why we do this I suppose.

With that said we are all so excited to head south for the winter. It feels so good to know that we won’t be coming back to Alaska until the snow and cold have dissipated. Still quite a few specifics to hash out, but that’s the fun part. Hubby says that if I wasn’t planning/researching/worrying then I’d be dead. He’s probably right. HA! I feel like living this life and constantly evaluating budgets/lodging/travel/etc… is what makes me feel alive. Honestly I’m happiest when the musics playing, the incense and candle are going, I’ve got a hot cup of coffee, and a new spreadsheet to work with. HA!

One thing that’s really been on my mind lately is the whole concept of the fulltimer. I am so passionate about this lifestyle and the one thing people always comment on is the fact that you have to love the great outdoors. And I just don’t think that’s the case. I LOVE our RV. I LOVE exploring new places. I also really LOVE sitting. Just because you’re a fulltimer does not mean you’re outdoorsy. I would much rather sit in my cozy RV and go spreadsheet crazy than sit by a campfire. Hubby and I love our Netflix. Love our board games. Love our modern indoor conveniences. The cool thing about RVing though, is that it allows you to change the backdrop in a matter of hours. That’s what really makes rving awesome. You can pack up and roll down the road to experience something completely new. And slowly I think people are starting to get it. There’s nothing I love more than having a great conversation with a wannabe fulltimer. There’s this moment during the conversation where they go from picturing it to totally realizing that they could be doing it too! It’s kinda cool!

All in all it’s whatever makes you happy. Right?! You get your 100 years so you better have a good time with them. And for us it’s living in a little box on wheels!









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  1. Would love to share Alaska with new friends. We spend summers down on the Kenai peninsula. It’s a pretty magical place. July is your best bet!


  2. Happy birthday Nina! So happy to read that you and the family will back on the road again! Maybe we will cross paths one day. ā¤ļø
    Steve and Dj

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  3. Hi guys!!! Wow. 5 years already. That’s crazy šŸ™‚ hope you guys are doing great!! Thanks for the bday wishes šŸ™‚ hope to see you around in the states!!


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